Men’s Level 5 WinnerJared Daley

Men’s Level 4 Winner: Matt Miller

Men’s Level 3 Winner: James Chambers

Men’s Level 2 Winner: George Hampe

Men’s Level 1 Winner: Michael Cooper

Senior Men’s Level 3 WinnerTom Hockran

Senior Men’s Level 2 WinnerJack Peacock

Senior Men’s Level 1 WinnerDavid Edwards

Senior Ladies Level 1 WinnerDeb Matthews

Ladies Level 4 WinnerEmily Reynolds

Ladies Level 3 WinnerCarla Rae Spackman

Ladies Level 2 WinnerLisa Nolan

Ladies Level 1 WinnerMary Chambers

Tom Hockran

Barry Larson

Kenny Norris

Dave Edwards

Overall Senior Cowgirl

Overall Senior Cowboy

Mary Chambers

James Chambers


Tracey Bedlion
Darlene Edwards
Rochelle Edwards
Nancy Gleason
Fran Hockran

​Support Staff Rocognition

Garrett Cooper
Morgan Curry

Mary Jo Peacock
Tony Reynolds
Jeff Rulander
Melody Rulander

Matt Miller

Carla-Rae Spackman


High-Point Cowgirl


High-Point Cowboy

Rifle High-Point

Class Winners

Austin Norris

Lyndee Norris

" Dear Heavenly Father -  

 We pause, mindful of the many blessings You have bestowed on us. We ask that You be with us, and pray that You guide us in this arena , just as You guide us in the arena of life. We don't ask for any special favors, Lord; we don't ask to draw an easy stage, or to never miss a target. Nor do we ask never to break the time barrier, or to stand in the winner circle every time. Help us, Lord, to live our lives as honest as the horses we ride, and in such a manner' that when we make that last inevitable ride to the country up there, where the grass grows lush, green and stirrup high, and the water runs cool, clear and deep, that You, as our final Judge, will tell us 'Come on in, cowboy or cowgirl. Your entry fees are paid."

                                                                                                                                                                ~ A Cowboys Prayer

Emily Reynolds

Jared Daley

Deb Mathews

Overall-Overall Cowgirl

Overall Cowboy

Shotgun High-Point

Rookie of the Year

Best Dressed Cowboy/Cowgirl

2014 Year End Award Winners