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Matt Miller


Bob Koniak


Barb Walters

Treasurer (716) 499-2659

Barry Larson

President (716) 753-0231

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Dawn Wojtowicz



2019 Officers and Directors

Mike Cooper



" Dear Heavenly Father -  

 We pause, mindful of the many blessings You have bestowed on us. We ask that You be with us, and pray that You guide us in this arena , just as You guide us in the arena of life. We don't ask for any special favors, Lord; we don't ask to draw an easy stage, or to never miss a target. Nor do we ask never to break the time barrier, or to stand in the winner circle every time. Help us, Lord, to live our lives as honest as the horses we ride, and in such a manner' that when we make that last inevitable ride to the country up there, where the grass grows lush, green and stirrup high, and the water runs cool, clear and deep, that You, as our final Judge, will tell us 'Come on in, cowboy or cowgirl. Your entry fees are paid."

                                                                                                                                                                ~ A Cowboys Prayer

Mick Cooper


2019 Membership

Tammy Angeletti

Dennis Cooper

Amber Cooper

Mick & Gay Cooper

Caleb Cooper
Mike, Tonya, Garrett & Skyler Cooper
Dave Edwards

​Craig, Nancy, Sydney, Parker & Mitchell Gleason

Jeff, Stacy & Mikayla Gould

George Hampe

Melissa Heike
Tom Hockran

​Jeff Holtz

Anne Huselstein
Bob Koniak &

Dawn Wojtowicz

​Mary Jo Lamastra

Barry & Linda Larson

Deb Mathews

Beth McKee

Matt Miller, Barb Walters
 & Ellie Walters

​Julie Morgan

Andy & Lisa Nolan

​David & Tanya Okerlund

LW Parker

Jack & Mary Jo Peacock
​Cathy Romack
Scott Schrader & Courtney Herman
​Carla, Dave & Austin Spackman
​Katie Sprague
​Cheri Stady