Thank you Keystone Cowboys!

2014 PA State Championships

Chris McElyea

Mens M1 Class Winner

George Hampe

Mens M2 Class Winner

Ellie Walters

Ladies L3 Class Winner

Thank you NE Six Shooters for a great weekend in NH!!

2014 Northeast Regional Championships!

Mary Chambers - Ladies L1 and Limited Cowgirl

Dave Edwards - Clean Shooter and Mens SM1 Class Winner

Tom Hockran - Mens SM3 Class Winner

James, Tony & Emily just had a good time!

Congrats to Dave Billotte - Northeast Regional OVERALL COWBOY

Celebrating the Duke - Day 1 

May 24

Celebrating the Duke - Day 2 

May 25

Cattaraugus County Fair Shoot 

July 30

Warren County Fair Shoot 

August 5

2014 New York State Championships

"Liberty Shoot" 

September 13-14


" Dear Heavenly Father -  

 We pause, mindful of the many blessings You have bestowed on us. We ask that You be with us, and pray that You guide us in this arena , just as You guide us in the arena of life. We don't ask for any special favors, Lord; we don't ask to draw an easy stage, or to never miss a target. Nor do we ask never to break the time barrier, or to stand in the winner circle every time. Help us, Lord, to live our lives as honest as the horses we ride, and in such a manner' that when we make that last inevitable ride to the country up there, where the grass grows lush, green and stirrup high, and the water runs cool, clear and deep, that You, as our final Judge, will tell us 'Come on in, cowboy or cowgirl. Your entry fees are paid."

                                                                                                                                                                ~ A Cowboys Prayer

Barry Larson wins Senior Mens 3 Class

Other Outrider sightings.........


Universal Media Classic 

April 26 & 27

Chautauqua County Fair Shoot 

July 21

McKean County Fair Shoot 

August 16

2014 Ohio State Championships

2014 Mid-West Regionals                      

Jared Daley

Mens M4 Class Winner



James Chambers

Mens M2 Class Winner



James & Mary Chambers win L1, M2 Classes and Mens & Womens Limited Division

Thank you Northern Ohio Outlaws!

2014 All American Quarter-Horse Congress

Tammy Angelletti

Ladies L2 and Limited Cowgirl


Ellie Walters

Ladies L3 and Express Division 




Emily Reynolds

Ladies L4 Winner


George Hampe

Mens M2 and Limited Cowboy